As designers it is hard not to be in awe of architectural visionary Antoni Gaudi.  Not only for his soaring vision and creativity but also for his ability to convince others to join his vision and realise such ambitious projects.

Undoubtably his most ambitious project was the famed Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona.  So ambitious was it that despite taking over the project in 1883, at the time of his death 43 years later it was less than 25% complete.  A succession of esteemed architects have taken on the task of completing Gaudi’s masterpiece since then and it could be that the current man in charge, Jordi Fauli and his team are the ones to finally do it.  But not until 2026, a century after the death of the man Catalans call “Don Anton”.

To understand the full majesty of Gaudi’s design and see just how much has still to be done to complete Sagrada Familia please take a look at the 3D visualisation in the video above.