VisionSmiths, while ambitious in itself, is not it's founder's only brainchild. A couple of years ago Pete had the idea for Style Atlas - an apparel fitting solution for online shoppers - a startup concept that would allow him to combine his retail and marketing experience with his passion for design and technology, in an exciting new way.   

Style Atlas has been designed as a default industry solution to the biggest single problem facing online shoppers and retailers - Shoppers inability to know if the garments they buy online will fit them.  

After a considerable period researching the market landscape and defining Style Atlas's product-market fit, the development roadmap has been set and Style Atlas is currently in it's prototype development phase.  

This project has brought a number of benefits to VisionSmiths. Through Style Atlas's development Pete has been able to greatly develop his own web development and app building skillset as well as immerse himself in the "startup" ecosystem.  Many of the core startup philosophies and strategies that have driven some of the world's fastest growing and successful companies, such as the LEAN development approach and disruptive marketing strategies, can be, and are now being used by VisionSmiths to add another innovative edge to creating innovative brand experiences for our clients.